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Programme – Post-Congress

Friday, 11 November 2016

9:00AM – 1:00PM

Half Day Workshop

Ethics Workshop

Maintaining the well-being of animals used in research studies has been a high priority among animal care and use research professionals. Ethical experimental designs and research are vital principles of scientific integrity and the mandate of public support for the use of research animals is required. In this workshop, both Hansjoachim and Vijay will highlight the ethical considerations surrounding the use of laboratory animals for research.

This half-day workshop will be conducted in Singapore Recreational Club and the target audience includes but not limited to investigators, facility managers and animal care technicians.

Topics include:

Concepts of Animal Ethics: from Aristoteles to Peter Singer

The Application of the 3/4 R’s, a way to ethical animal experiments

University of Veterinary Medicine, Germany

Design of Animal Experiment: Welfare as a top priority

Ethics, Rationality and Being Humane: Pillars of Animal Experimentation

CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology, India

Venue: Singapore Recreational Club, Relish Room, Level 1
Time: 9am to 1pm

Whole Day Workshop

Advanced IACUC Course

Take part in this rare and privileged opportunity for a joint AFLAS & AAALAC Advanced IACUC training course, which will be held on 11 November 2016 at Singapore Recreational Club!
If you are a member of an IACUC committee or would like to know more about IACUC, do join us this November.

Online Registration has closed.
Onsite Registration will be accepted at limited slots.

Click here to view the Course Agenda

Venue: Singapore Recreational Club, Lounge 1883, Level 1

Whole Day Workshop

The Use of Zebrafish in Science

In occasion of the 7th AFLAS meeting, the Fondazione Guido Bernardini will run a workshop on the scientific use, management, housing and care of zebrafish in biomedical research.

The workshop will take place in National University of Singapore and is addressed to those professionals, animal caretakers and technicians who are interested and/or involved in aquatic models.


  • An overview on the use of zebrafish in science
  • How to run an aquatic facility
  • Stock management and breeding
  • Maintenance of systems and water quality
  • Health and disease monitoring
Workshop Programme - 11 Nov 2016
08:00 Registration
Welcome and opening addresses
Gemma Perretta
The use of zebrafish in science

Historic background, applications today and perspective for the future. The advantages and disadvantages of zebrafish as a model and comparison with mouse.

Suzita Mohd. Noor
Facility and resource management
Carole Wilson
Aquatic systems

General overview

Marco Brocca
10:35 Coffee Break
Water quality
Anwar Norazit

Overview and specifics

Marco Brocca
Nutrition and feeding protocols
Carole Wilson
12:35 Lunch
Health monitoring
Carole Wilson
Breeding and stock management
Carole Wilson
Larval rearing
Carole Wilson
15:25 Coffee Break
Group discussion / question and answer
Visit to the NUS facility

Whole Day Workshop

Microsurgery Workshop (Fully Booked)

Sat & Sun, 12-13 November 2016

2-Day Conference

Singapore Veterinary Association Conference 2016 at Hotel Fort Canning

The Singapore Veterinary Association will be having our annual conference at Hotel Fort Canning from 12-13 Nov 2016. Visit our website at to sign up. Get special registration fee (save $150) during early bird period. As part of the AFLAS association, country members will be able to enjoy SVA member rate!

This year’s talks include Dermatology, Surgery, Oncology, Pathology and Radiology. Visit our website for information.

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